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My reflections on matters pertaining to children, learning, and education are informed by many years working in schools, libraries, recreational and therapeutic programs, and as a consultant to families opting out of traditional schooling or otherwise making modifications to their children’s educational situations.

I’m influenced by my study of thinkers from many disciplines and traditions whose work bears on the development and thriving of humans in the context of a struggling world.

I was also myself once a child. I have been a student, a daughter, a sibling, and am currently considered an adult. In the trajectory of my life, the question of how children are treated and should be treated has felt personal and global. I’ve assisted families in navigating a range of practicalities of young life in a school culture, but always in an inquiry (for myself and the families I support) into how the way we treat and relate to children reflects our beliefs about what kind of world and life are possible.

Finally, my perspective is shaped by my complicated physiology – what in medical terms would be described as auto-immune and connective tissue disease, and in practical terms means I contend on a daily basis with my own relative limitations and what it means to be and to feel different (while not appearing especially so). This experience may actually be the most valuable training I’ve ever received (albeit involuntarily and often not gracefully) for my work supporting adults who are interested in supporting young people as they build lives from the kinds of actual capacities and limitations every one of us faces. Many, many of the words of despair I’ve heard from young people over the years were versions of this question: Why do I have to be so different? How we hold our variations gives everything about how we live, and about whether or not we can survive and thrive together.

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July 2020

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