I was doing some holiday shopping the other day and read a comment that mentioned a product running small. I got to thinking about what a funny phrase that is, and then I realized that sometimes I feel like my brain is running a little small. Not physically, of course; it’s just whatever size it is. It can sometimes feel a little tight, though – when I have trouble seeing anything but the small and relatively mundane. And then other times it runs larger, giving me a sense that we humans might actually be able to get ourselves organized and aligned enough to survive and thrive together. This level of aspiration can be a bit breathtaking, so it’s not as though brain-running-big is necessarily… pleasant.

Of course someplace in between the running small and running big, or running some of both, would probably be best. We probably all run smaller and bigger variously as time trudges along, moment to moment and also over stretches of years. There’s lots we can do (and avoid doing) that would keep us too stuck in small or big for too long. I suppose that’s one of the challenges of living a life well. So it seems like a worthwhile practice to keep noticing when we’re listing in the direction of the small or the oversized and find what there is to glean from each.