I support young people and parents in navigating challenges related to school and learning, household coexistence, and life in general.  I watch for overlooked potential and capacity.  I also help people make peace with math.  Read more about all that here.

I also do a lot of reading, thinking, and writing about human potential, cognitive diversity, efficiency, comedy, and the future.  I am interested in the big questions we face as a civilization and also the quality of moments.

You can see some of the results of my ponderings here on the blog. Gaps in blog activity are attributable to a pair of chronic back and shoulder situations which, on good days, provide me with a steady source of humility, and on other days, only exasperation and delay.

On twitter and tumblr I am new and sporadic but doing my best. Also, I am prone to long and not always reader-friendly sentences.  I am working on that too.